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What makes these the best fashion videos?  Good question.  Actually, I do not know the answer.  Isn't selecting the "best" a subjective process?  Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, selecting the best fashion video should be in the eye of the fashionista or style maven...  Anyway, here are a few stylish videos that may be the best (or maybe they are not).  Either way, we think you will find these enjoyable.  In an effort to avoid a fashion debate, lets just say that these are the best...


Best Fashion Video OF THE DAY from Metacafe


Best Fashion Video OF THE WEEK from Metcafe


Best Fashion Video OF THE MONTH from Metacafe


Best Fashion Video OF THE YEAR from Metacafe

We will have new favorites for you soon...

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What is better then THE  BEST FASHION VIDEOS?

Not much ...

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